Ethical Marketing - Telling The Truth In A World of Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It

WACA Digital Marketing Conversations Series 2019


We are so excited to have you join us for WACA Digital Marketing Conversations Series 2019. We are only couple days away from the 2nd event in Hong Kong (just one month after our #RiseConf / Lan Kwai Fong pub crawl meetup!). We want to make sure you could attend Round Two - read the information below.

Want to bring a colleague or friend? it's free to attend for everyone. 
Make sure to reserve your spot with the Community Team.

WACA has an agenda featuring 3 or more speakers and session highlights on the Messenger Chatbot. This month's theme is “Ethical Marketing - Telling The Truth In A World of Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It”, "Why Producing A Podcast Is The Best Strategy For Business Today" and "Importance of Joining Community - 5 Tips for Businesses and Solopreneurs To Find Your Business BFF" with keynote appearances from James B. Lindsay, Wayne Cheong, Hayato Kawaguchi and top marketing experts from Hong Kong.

Join the Messenger Chatbot and start networking with WACA even before the meetup. They have people coming from Singapore, Japan, Canada and around the world!

Their chatbot will be your guide during the event. Look out for their message.

Be ready for the networking session immediately after the talk, filled with music and great company! :)

More information will be sent on the day of the event - please look out for their communication.

Last but not least, get excited! The WACA team has worked tirelessly to make this the most unforgettable event.